To get your family tree enter the Family member's name and click Search. Select the correct individual from the list presented and left click on him/her. On the top right you will see a box Options for Individual. This allows you to select a large variety of Charts Lists Reports. You will need to experiment to determine which best meet your needs.

You can print Charts and Lists using Print this page in the upper right of the screen or by right clicking anywhere on the screen. If you select Reports you have the ability to download reports including various charts and family trees in PDF or HTML format. If you wish to edit the PDF reports use a PDF converter such as Nuance's PDF Converter Professional 6.0.

Because our family record goes back more than twelve generations now, many of the reports and charts for living Woodruff's will not be produced in a satisfactory form. All the information will be there but it will not be presented attractively and will cover multiple pages. This is a limitation of the PHPGedview software platform on which the website is built and the large amount of data on the family. Once you have all the information you want you can create an attractive family tree on a single page by using various desktop publishing software tools. Please share your creations with other family members by contacting the Administrator and sending him/her your templates.