If you have logged in and have been designated by the Administrator as an Author, go to the home page and you have the option to submit an article.

When you first log in to WoodruffFamilyTree.com you are categorized as a registered user. In order to submit articles your need to be categorized by the Administrator as an Author. This is a manual process and is usually done the next time the Administrator logs in after you have first registered.

To submit an article log in and go to the home page by clicking on the Coat of Arms at the top left or Home on the bottom left. If you do not see an option Submit an Article, you have not been designated as an Author. Use Contact Us at the bottom of any screen to send a message to the Administrator reminding him/her that you want to be an Author.

Once you have selected Submit an Article use the notepad that pops up to submit your article.

Please provide an article title, your full name including all given names and surname and your user name on this website.

Write the article or copy and paste it into the body of the notepad. When you submit the article it is sent to the Administrator. The Adminstrator will take care of details of font and style.

Once the article is accepted it will be published by the Administrator and will appear on the website. If the Administrator has questions or concerns he will contact you by email to resolve them.