With a family history as long as ours it's not so simple.

Most family trees start with a living person and go back to their grandparents or great grandparents, four generations. If you use the reports and graphs in the website these generally print out for 4 generations but most of our users are 11th - 13th generation Woodruffs because we all start with Mathew and Hannah Woodruff and go forward.

To print your family tree you have to research the website and make your own.

Start with Your Family and Search for a Family Member. Find yourself. Select Tree in the blue highlighted menu bar and you will see your family tree back to Mathew and Hannah. Note by placing the cursor near the tree and holding down the left mouse button you can move the tree around the screen.

Start with Mathew and Hannah. Double click on Mathew and transcribe the information you want about Mathew and Hannah in your family tree. Next determine which of their three sons, John Mathew and Samuel is your forebear, double click on him and transcribe the information on him and his family. Continue the process until you have information on all your direct forebears.

Examples of family trees created in this manner are included in other articles.